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  • Acquaintance to friends

    Acquaintance to friends

    Today especial evening! Today I have told to friends that I will acquaint them with the significant other. They long bantered over me, that I cannot in any...

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  • In a gym

    In a gym

    Wow, how many the hot rolled stallions in a gym! Here only from one kind of their playing muscles it is possible to cumshot! Just today I have...

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  • Holiday


    Here it happiness! Holiday which I waited the whole year. The big bus has carried all on hotels, and I, at last, have got to room. I was...

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  • Successful fishing

    Successful fishing

    To fish a large small fish on fishing – the big good luck and if there will be also surprising fuck it the happiness is simple! Fishing with...

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  • An adventure on a cemetery

    An adventure on a cemetery

    From a word “cemetery” many throws in a shiver. Earlier too it seemed to me, that this rather gloomy place. However, recently at me was magnificent suck on...

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  • Playful Santa-Claus

    Playful Santa-Claus

    In the heat of Christmas the call to a door and traditional “Jo-ho-ho” was heard. On a threshold stood absolutely already drunk Santa-Claus and has got from the...

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  • Fucking In Pub

    Fucking In Pub

    In a pub where we have agreed to sit, to the people was very little. It was the first meeting for the last years. When he has come,...

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